Maxim Tumble Tree Timbers 300 Piece Set In Storage Tube

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Tumble Tree Timbers 300 Piece Set
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Those who are looking for a lincoln logs set We've assembled information. Tumble Tree Timbers 300 Piece Set manufactured by Maxim is an excellent lincoln log set! 647069530262 is the UPC also known as the Universal Product Code, for this incredible lincoln log set. One of the several major characteristics is the large timbers for little hands to handle to make our classic log cabin set. Other highlights consist of 100% wooden components, no plastic here and hours and hours of fun. It's 14.25" Height x 8.5" Length x 8.5" Width. The lincoln log set comes with a warranty of lifetime warranty against 's defects by Maxim, add to cart by clicking the hyperlink below.

Our Tumble Tree Timbers bring you back to a time when things were simpler. A time when folks took pride in their craftsmanship, cared about family members values, and passed on traditions from generation to generation. We at Maxim value these time honored beliefes, and wish to allow you to give your child a toy that they will not merely love, but have the potential to pass down to their chilren at the same time. Our sets are constructed 100% of wood and are compatible with other fine wooden log sets. Ages 3 years and up.


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