Lincoln Logs National BANK-81 Pcs

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Lincoln Logs National BANK81 Pcs


I believe you will like that it comes along with real wood logs plus colorful figures and accessories. Additional features include things like build a frontier fort and bank! and a family classic since 1916. The lincoln logs set dimensions are 12.8" Height x 6.9" Length x 7" Width. It has a weight of 2.35 lbs. Looking for Lincoln Logs National BANK-81 Pcs .

Rediscover The Wild West with Lincoln Logs. Measures around 12"x 6"x 12 ". Build a frontier fort and bank, then climb the ladder to the rooftop and stand guard to safeguard your precious supply of"gold. Easily store anything in the decorative Lincoln Logs canister."Includes all-wood logs, colorful figures, a secure and plastic gold pieces.


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