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Knex Bicentennial Edition Lincoln Logs

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Knex Bicentennial Edition Lincoln Logs
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Looking to buy an amazingly fun lincoln logs set? Knex Bicentennial Edition Lincoln Logs is really fun lincoln log set! One of the many attributes for these lincoln logs is the 100 all wood pieces, including richly stained logs, eaves and roof slats. Other highlights include hours of endless fun! and special edition collectible tin. Model Number 00972. The lincoln log set dimensions are 9.88" Height x 10.5" Length x 11.25" Width. It weighs roughly 4.15 lbs. Selecting a Knex Bicentennial Edition Lincoln Logs .

Now you can actually create a replica of the log cabin exactly where Abraham Lincoln was born! Special edition collectable tin. 100 all wood pieces, like richly stained logs, eaves and roof slats. The familiar notched logs fit together, allowing kids to develop any kind of structure they can imagine. Commemorative Edition Set celebrates the 200th anniversary of Lincoln's birth. Also, each set comes with a handy storage container for dependable storage and portability. This Bicentennial Edition Tin comes with 100 all-wood pieces, including richly stained logs, eaves and roof slats. Winner of 1 award Build a replica using the log cabin exactly where Abraham Lincoln was born!

K'nex has released the Lincoln Logs Bicentennial Edition to commemorate the 200th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's birth. This collector's tin of their classic house-building toy attributes 100 wooden pieces, including several logs, roof slats, eaves and chimney pieces. Bicentennial EditionAges: 3+ Designed for children ages three and older, Lincoln Logs will entertain kids today as they have for generations past.

What We ThinkFun factor: Durability: Ease of assembly: Educational factor: The Good: Durable, non-splinter logs are an enjoyable, educational building tool. Each log has been cut from high-quality wood, and stained inside a wealthy brown varnish. The Challenging: Might be too linear and simplistic for more advanced builders. In a Nutshell: A classic generating toy that continues to teach and entertain. Outstanding Detail and Craftsmanship This bicentennial collector's tin functions the sort of high-quality craftsmanship we've come to expect from Lincoln Logs more than the years. The logs are sturdy, strong, and splinter-proof, which implies kids experience sliver-free play. In addition, select pieces, like the roof slats and eaves, are stained with red or green coloring.

A Timeless, Educational Building Toy Invented in 1916 by John Lloyd Wright, Lincoln Logs might seem out of spot in an age of electronic toys and technical gadgetry. However, these simple wooden toys have an undeniable charm that stretches across generations, and stay popular today. They've sold over 100 million sets worldwide.

Playing with Lincoln Logs is simple and enjoyable. More advanced builders might feel restricted by the linearity of building with Lincoln Logs. Still, there's enough assortment in this tin to construct dozens of cabins, watchtowers and more. Logs are available in diverse lengths, and have notches cut into them where other logs can interlock. Even adults will enjoy the nostalgia while playing with kids. Smaller kids should have no problem handling the logs when playing.

Although they are simple, the interlocking wooden pieces teach kids engineering skills, enabling them to believe like an architect would. Recommended for ages three and older. Log structures also demand a little finesse to assemble, which will create kids' hand-eye coordination and spatial reasoning.

What's in the Box 100 Lincoln Log pieces, like 87 wood logs, 8 green wood logs, 2 green wood roof slats, 2 red wood eaves, 1 red wood chimney, and instructions. View larger. Build a town hall. With Lincoln Logs, your child will have limitless building possibilities. View bigger. View larger. or a quaint, Lincoln-style log cabin.


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